The roots of Côr Meibion Cymraeg Montreal (Montreal Welsh Male Choir) stretch back in time to the mid 1850’s, when a large group of Welsh Quarrymen, who had previously been constructing the Menai Suspension Bridge, came to Montreal. A contract had been given to start work on the construction of the Victoria Bridge to span the St. Lawrence River. These quarrymen quickly organized themselves into a choral group: so when the bridge was completed in 1860, it was very appropriate that the singing Welshmen had the honour of taking part in the opening ceremonies singing for the 18 year old Prince of Wales. These choristers became part of the Welsh Speaking Union which in the early 1900’s became the St. David’s Society of Montreal.

The present Côr Meibion Cymraeg was regenerated by the St. David’s Society in the 1960’s. At that time the leading figure of the new choir was Twm Edmund, who came to Montreal from Wales in the mid 1930’s. He became a well know singer, winning several Quebec Provincial awards in musical competitions. Through his fierce pride in promoting Welsh culture and traditions he kept the Côr Meibion Cymraeg alive in Montreal, serving as its Director for many years. Choir members were particularly motivated by being requested to be part of the one -thousand voice Welsh Male Choir which performed at the Royal Albert Hall on October 1990 and again in 1994. More recently the choir has performed with a 400 voice choir and the world renowned baritone Bryn Terfel at Carnegie Hall in 2008.

In October 2011 Côr Meibion Cymraeg Monteal hosted the Burlington, Ontario, Welsh Male Choir and the Sangaerfest Chorus of Boston for concerts at St. James United Church in Montreal and at The Church of St. Edmund of Canterbury in Beaconsfield featuring a massed choir of 150 voices. From 2010 through 2012 the Choir sang in Gregory Charles’ Mondiale de la Chorale in Laval.